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last gig

Last machinochrist gig tonight, with special slowed down non breakcore thick as molasses fuckups of my tunes. Never to be repeated.


what more proof do you need


fucking douchebag. Thats a pretty weak argument for the continued occupation of Iraq and Afghanistan. Neither of those can compare to fighting Hitler in WW2 for example. He does have an argument i think. And i have no problem with keeping a retainer of Samurai to crush anyone who attacks you, but thats not exactly how modern american instigated wars have played out is it? And defending either of those wars marks you out as an asshole and no friend of mine.

So clearly hes another illuminati puppet douchebag, as ive always suspected
the only thing that is going to make tonight bad is that every day glo wearing hippy twat in london will be there. Im bringing the M16!

tomorrow night

Anyone who wanted a cheap ticket for tomorrow night apparently the only way to do it is to go to ticketweb and get it from there which is like £8 instead of a tenner i think

jobs 4 u

if anyone needs a job doing audio visual work (video conferencing mainly) then please contact me as theres a job going where i work. the only downside will be that i'll be your boss, so expect cruel and unusual punishment on a daily basis

Holy Shit!!!!

I wish i could embed this video but the option is disabled, check out this 13yr old girl playing the drums from zappas the black page. Thats freakin unbelievable


uni work

finally got the videos uploaded to vimeo, so heres a demo of my Masters project. everthing needs remaking, next stage is to make it all wireless and put all the circuitry into a box you can wear, will make the whole thing alot more robust and performance worthy. After that its all about working with other musicians and rewriting my arduino code. Mission on! Any comments appreciated though, if you want more technical details of how it works please ask

Chthonic Ritual Systems Information from cthonic ritual systems on Vimeo.

Cthonic Ritual Systems Solo Performance 1 from cthonic ritual systems on Vimeo.


Incase anyones interested the BAD SEKTA crew are taking over illfm at the others (Stoke Newington) tomorrow night. 8 till late with plenty of wonk. Its a good lineup and you get to see lastboss play fresh from his return from Japan, that alone is worth it

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